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Tracks, Spinners , Coaters and Developers

What is a Track System?

Photlithography is a well understood process that has been used since industry was established.
8600 series track system
A "track" sequentially processes semiconductor wafers for coating or developing. A coater, creates a uniform layer of photoresist as the wafer is spun prior to being placed in a exposure tool.

Coater Module
The exposed wafer is developed by dispensing liquid chemical on a developer track.

A track system is a generic term used for describing this small process line which can include hotplates, adhesion promotors (HMDS - Vapor Prime) or scrubbing and cleaning stations.

Robot Handling
Defining a track system can be quite difficult so we provide on-site meetings for design and work with you every step of the way.

Coating Modules and Pumps

Photorestist is dispensed in a known repeatable quantity as the wafer speed is ramped to produce a uniform layer. Photoresist can be either "positive" or negative" and are usually pumped. Depending on the viscosity of the material being dispensed special pumps or techniques may be required. Consideration is required of waste disposed, pump priming, catch cup cleaning etc depending on resisit to be used.

Coater Module

Single Wafer Processing

In mayn small throughput applications such as R+D then it is uneconomic to have dedicated track systems so small benchtop resisit spinners with syringe dipsnse or manual syringe, and hotplates are avaialble. Development of the wafers is often acnieved by placing the wafers into a beaker of developer.
Special carriers might need to be developemanually Often manual coating is reuired .

SingleWAfer processing an dchemical dispense systems

Spin Rinse Dryers - Vapor Drying

There are several ways to clean and dry wafers. We provide both Spin Rinse Drying or Vapor Drying

Used wet benches

Dependent on your chemistry or need, a used wet bench may be an option. We can help locate used tools and modify these or upgrade to your exact specification.

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White Knight Pumps:
We are local agents for the world leader in high purity fluid handling solutions. With a range across the board for corrosive or elevated temperatures the White Knight products are renowned for quality, reliability, and increased uptime.

Unlta high putiy pumping with White Knight

Upgrades and Repair:
From newly designed and built systems to upgrading tools either in the field or back at the factory we can provide a cost effective solution

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