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Deposition & Coating

There are lots of types of deposition systems out on the market but many of the tools configurations need to be customised to fit specific requirements. We work with experienced tool designers with years of experience in this field.

Sputtering - Evaporation - Ion Beam - PECVD...

As well as choosing the right deposition technique to get the right properties, uniformity and quality, there are many unique physical considerations about loading substrates and source configuration to get the best results.

From small scale bench top and lab, right through to large scale reactive coating systems for mechanical parts, we have solutions to offer you. Tools are often custom made or a standard unit populated with the sources and targets to suit. We can design unique handling solutions such as double sided deposition in cluster tool configuration

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Upgrades & Reconfiguration:
With every process tool there are often needs to modify or upgrade - if its a control system, deposition source etc. We can supply parts, as well as the labour to help you achieve your goals.

From e-guns filaments to cryo-pumps and robotic upgrades we can supply them all. We have a large resource of different suppliers specialised on just about any aspect of deposition.

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We also provide pumping systems and gas distribution boxes. MFC rebuilds calibration and certification are all within our capabilities. Just give us a call it costs nothing to ask!