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Blade Dicing Systems:

Fully auto or semi auto; single spindle or dual spindle dicing saws give the highest throughput and utilisation possible.

Mahoh Laser Dicer:

Giving the cleanest cut possible the Mahoh dicer has special properties that makes it ideal for MEMs devices.

Dicing Service:

A dicing service is available for people who need to only run a few wafers. Contact us for details

Dicing Blades:

We have many different types of blades depending on grit type, lattice material and even putting an angle on the blade. All can improve performance and reduce costs - resin bonded or metal bonded, hubbed or hubless. - Just give us call for a sample!

News & Product Showcase

Dicing Surfactant

Diamaflow has been a product waiting for the market to arrive. Having started with Diamaflow more than a decade ago with only a few specific device types Diamaflow has won world wide recognition as a leader in its field and is now the material of choice for many of the major IDM's and sub contractors.

Improved Yield:
Keeping bond pads clean increases bond pad strength leading to improved reliability. Smaller bond pads mean higher effective currents causing premature failure of devices.

Prevent Corrosion:
Depending on your metals, corrosion cells are quick to attack your devices. Keeping the dust suspended prevent the corrosion cell being created.