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We have a vast experience in sales and marketing, from high tech industries to everyday products. Everything we do is done with sales and marketing in mind, after all, we all need to make some money to live! We are also true marketeers – not brochure printers or website developers or optimisers (although we can do these as well) – we take a strategic approach and quickly understand your business, marketing message or unique position then identify how to capitalise on this.

We have already in place...

  • A global sales and support network.
  • Technical understanding and strategic vision.
  • Experience with large multinational and small companies.
  • Expertise and experience a variety of different markets.

So, if you have a product or service you are looking to improve or grow we can help...

  • Improve sales and customer service.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Find strategic partners and develop networks.
  • Add valuable ideas and solutions.


Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

We work in all aspects of the global semiconductor business, providing and selling new, used, refurbished equipment and spares. We are much more than an agent or broker as we understand the technology equipment and processes.

Procurement & Supply

From everyday supply to anonymous tendering and reverse auctions.

Sales and Marketing

We have a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, from high technology to everyday products.

Software Solutions

Our software solutions primarily come from understanding business then identifying what is required.