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Semi Manufacturing

One of our core businesses is the global semiconductor business, which is very extreme and demanding. In terms of responsiveness and service levels it’s second to none. The global supply chain required to service this market has led us to be pioneers in the use of advanced internet technologies.

  • Global customer and supplier base.
  • Advanced technology and equipment.
  • 24/7-365 operation and response.
  • Highly skilled and detailed support.

Every market has its own unique set of circumstances but the semiconductor manufacturing business is an early adopter which means it often suffers from extreme business cycles in terms of equipment, technology, support and expertise – this is where we help.

  • Sourcing and procurement of tools.
  • Supply of spare parts to improve uptime.
  • Cost reduction and alternative supply.
  • Expertise and skills supply.


Semiconductor Manufacturing Industry

We work in all aspects of the global semiconductor business, providing and selling new, used, refurbished equipment and spares. We are much more than an agent or broker as we understand the technology equipment and processes.

Procurement & Supply

From everyday supply to anonymous tendering and reverse auctions.

Sales and Marketing

We have a wealth of experience in sales and marketing, from high technology to everyday products.

Software Solutions

Our software solutions primarily come from understanding business then identifying what is required.