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In addition to our long term relationship with Accretech - the worlds leading automatic prober supplier, we have supplied over the years Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully Auto tools.

Hot - Cold Probing:

Extending the active range for devices means they have to be tested at extreme elevated and cold temperatures. we are working with some of the leading manufacturers in this area on specific customer projects.

Probe Cards:

We are working with some of the most advance probe cards available from vertical and MEMs - please give us a call to discuss .


There are various option from physical interfaces to load boards etc. so its best to give us a call.

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Lab systems: Manual and semi-auto tools for parametric testing and R&D.

High Voltage:
We are always pushing the limits in voltage and regularly have customer application up to in the 6 or 9KV range. Specialist development is usually required.

Dark Probing:
We have supplied several dark probing solutions for light sensitive devices over the years. We are always exploring new ways to measure performance under extreme conditions

Accurate repeatable and priced to meet your budget we have a whole range of micro-manipulators for your applications labs