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Wet Process

Single wafer to batch, manual to semi or even fully automatic and robotic, we can design and build the right solution for you. With years of experience, both in house and with partners, we are very familiar with all the common processes and can assist in new ones.

We provide on-site meetings for design and work with you every step of the way.

Wet benches, Spray acid and solvent tools, right through to spin rinse dryers. Most tools are capable of processing Wafers, Masks, Furnace Tubes or special parts. Tanks can be configured for Megasonic, Ultrasonic and electroplating etc.

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White Knight Pumps:
We are local agents for the world leader in high temperature chemical pumping. With a range across the board for corrosive or elevated temperatures the White Knight products are renowned for quality, reliability and increased uptime.

Upgrades and Repair:
From newly designed and built systems to upgrading tools either in the field or back at the factory we can provide a cost effective solution