Brexit Statement

As the deadline approaches, we believe we are prepared as we can be, even if we do not believe anyone will know exactly the outcome until October 31st 2019.

As many of our products are "drop-shipped" from outside the EU, we do not expect much disruption if any, to our suppliers and customers .

We pride ourselves on getting the paperwork correct and have a history of working through any issues we have had over the last 19 years

In addition to Brexit we are also working with our customers to ensure all HS-Codes and EECN numbers are in place to minimise any border requirements or issues.

EU EORI Number: (Economic Operator Registration and Identification). We have been operating for almost 20 years across Europe and as such have all the relevant documents in place. We have been advised that our current EORI status will be valid even in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

We have been in contact with the specialist EORI team

Details Can be found here

Should the UK leave the EU our EU EORI number will still be valid. Should you require these details they can be provided and if necessary our documentation, invoices etc can be modified should we need to.