Diffusion, Doping and Thermal Processing

Thermal Processing

Furnaces come in all shapes and sizes depending on production needs. We provide a range of Horizontal Vertical and Benchtop tools configured for your process.

Each furnace can be configured either as a stand alone or processes can be mixed in a stack to utilise avaiaible floor space and cleanroom real estate.
Required configurations such as Oxidation, Diffusion and Doping can be configured with custom gas panels and delivery servies for just about any gas - TEOS POCl H2 etc

Whatever your need for thermal processing we have a range of solutions that cover most applications. With a team of support engineers, you can benefit from our experience and expertise. With knowledge in production processing, new processes can be defined in the bench-top CTR then up-scaled to full production if required.

Horizontal Diffusion furnace

Compact Thermal Reactor

The CTR was developed by Expetech with customer feedback in mind. The need is for smaller batches, more flexible processing, and lower heat loads on fabrication facilities. Already accepted by the research community the CTR is now finding a home in major production facilities.

Compact Thermal Reactor - Lab diffusion furnace

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From complete system and tube reconfigurations, wafer size changes or complete process overhaul - just about everything is possible. We provide on-site meetings to discuss your individual needs and work with you to minimise any production impact.

Quartzware SiC etc:
We have experience in design and supply of new process quartzware, no matter what your tool set.

We also repair tubes, fittings and parts.

Related Products:
From gas panel modification to MFC repair, to new and custom elements and carriers to system moves and installs - we and our partners can help. We are embedded in the diffusion and furnace area of many fabs around the world so have probably seen the problem before.