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Coat, Expose, Develop: Manual, Semi-Auto, Fully Auto: R+D to full production.

Mask Aligners

New, used or refurbished, we have multiple sources of tools that can meet your budget.


Projection 1:1 or reduction there are a variety of options open to you. We can provide tools spare parts and upgrades throughout our partner networks.

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Lab systems: Basic coating and developing tools with a variety of dispense options are available.

Track Systems:
Refurbished, new and reconfigured track systems based on the SVG platforms - the systems can be configured to your needs with options such as proximity bake, high viscosity pumps, backside rinse, and edge bead removal etc. Upgrades to expand the number of process steps are also possible.

Lithography Clusters:
Robotic cluster tools used in coating and developing wafers through to large flat panels. Configuration tends to be customised to suit each customers' needs.