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Spin Rinse Dryers

What is a Spin Rinse Dryer?

Semiconductor wafers are fabricated in a clean environment. As electronic devices and chips get smaller and smaller particles become critical to ensure wafers yield good working chips. The semiconductor processing is a sequence of steps when chemicals are used either to add layers or remove layers, either fully or partially, and particles can be generated in these processes as well as from the external environment.

Before a semiconductor wafer starts the next processing step, it is essential that the wafers are as clean as possible and are perfectly dry before progressing through the line: - this is the job of the spin rinse dryer.
Double Stack Spin Rinse Dryers

Cleanliness is Essential

Every part of the spin rinse dryer is designed to clean and keep wafers clean - washing away any loosely adhered particles. Some design criteria:
  • Contactless Nitrogen Seal
  • Rinse to Resistivity Option
  • Anti-Static Options
  • Mirror Polished Stainless Steel
  • Multi-Step Processing
  • Anti-Vibration Balancing
  • Cutomised Rotors and Holders

rotors can be changed to suit

Spin Rinse Dryers - Vapor Drying

There are several ways to clean and dry wafers. We provide both Spin Rinse Drying or Vapor drying

Used wet benches

Dependent on your chemistry or need, a used wet bench may be an option. We can help locate used tools and modify these or upgrade to your exact specification.

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