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Wafer Dicing Saws, Blades, Lasers and Process

Dicing and Singulation

Getting a process that is both consistent, efficient and cost effective is not easy so we can help you with several solutions. We understand the issues of the process and the risks to your devices at this very vulnerable stage. Dicing can also induce failures that impact yield significantly.

  • Kerf Control
  • Corrossion inhibition
  • Blade Life
  • Particles
  • Structures & dust traps
  • Device Relaibility
  • Thin or stressed wafers
  • Laser or traditionalal cutting

A dicing environment can make or break profitability. Your wafers are at their most vulnerable at this point and their most valuable. Process induced defects or damage must be minimised.

Most people don't understand fully that long term reliability of devices can be infulenced greatly by this process step. Its very important to get it right!

Diamond Blade or Laser

We provide new tools from Accretech the world leader in automatic probing, dicing, and grinding solutions.

tradition dicing system from AccretechDiamond Blade Dicing
stealthStealth Dicing (Laser)

Dicing as a Service

Wafers can be diced in Europe depending on need - please contact us for details

Process Control

traditional diamond dicing blade
Protect or make more profit!
Blade life, chipping and kerf control as well as bond strength and long term corrossion can all impact product lifetime and costy return or recalls.

Diamaflow is proven to work!
Even when pitched against competitors Diamaflow consistently beats the competition in terms of performance, and overall cost. Your customer returns will be minimised and your quality and consistency of cut will improve. Added with our range of dispense systems Diamflow can be cost effective in every environment and there are several formulas depending on your need

A sample of Diamaflow is FREE - you only pay shipping for the material and pump! bond pad corrosion
Corrosion without Diamaflow

bond pad no corrosion when processed with Diamaflow
No Corrosion with Diamaflow