Customised optical inspection systems - please contact for details

Mass Flow Controllers - New-Refurbished-Converted-Calibrated

Mass Flow Controllers from most major suppliers MFC, STEC, Horiba, Brooks, Tylan, MKS, Aera, Unit, repaired with a variety of service levels. New, pre-used and refurbished as well as repair of your own offers a cost effective alternative to OEM and often reduced lead time and turnaround

Spin Rinse Dryers

Benchtop to standalone - from 2" to 8" wafers Mask plates or specialist substrates

Test Sockets, Connectivity and Final Test

We work with JF Technology - the world leading supplier of test sockets - from IGBT contact solutions through to High Frequency Mobile device testing.

Tracks Coaters Spinners & Developers

We provide support for legacy SVG track systems right though to ultra-modern cluster platforms with multiple modules and robots. Contact us so we can understand your needs. Scrubbers and Cleaning Tracks are often used for automatically cleaning wafers after other processes. Placing a full cassette of wafers on one end and running them through a cleaning process gives a simple and effective solution in the production environment to remove any debris from previous process steps.

Wafer Probe: Automatic or Manual Probing

Manual and SemiAutomatic protestations are all available please contact us so we can understand your needs, hot cold ,high voltage, dark etc.

Wet Bench & Wet Processing

Wet benches tend to be custom configured to your needs. Sometimes used tools are available but often contamination and reconfiguration or upgrading to current safety standards often means new can be lower cost. Etching, cleaning, Stripping etc can all be supplied.