U4Global Terms and Conditions of Business

Minimum Terms of Business

U4Global Solutions provides a wide variety of services and products to multiple industry sectors. Specific terms are normally provided on the quotation. Where this is not the case these minimum terms of business are to apply.

Unless expressly accepted in writing by us, any qualification of these conditions contained below form the basis of any contract. Any document of the buyer or seller shall be deemed to be inapplicable unless agreed in writing prior to the execution of any contract.

Legal Construction: Unless otherwise agreed in writing all contracts made by us shall be English contracts and shall in all respects be construed and operated in accordance with English Law. The courts of England shall have sole jurisdiction.

A: Goods & Title Products offered for Sale. All products remain the property of the seller (U4Global Solutions Limited) until full payment is received. At this time title of the goods shall transfer to the buyer.

B: Payment Unless specified on a formal quotation, full payment must be received into the U4GlobalSolutions Limited account before shipment and delivery takes place. Any dispute will be resolved by mutual agreement and in the case of impasse, U4Global Solutions reserves the right to make any final binding decision.

If written notification of dispute is not received from the buyer within in a timely manner and within 10 days from the invoice date, then the sale is deemed to be good and acceptable. Payment in full will be due and made.

Failure of the buyer to install or inspect the goods after delivery will not be accepted as cause to delay payment to the seller.

C: Use We do not give any condition undertaking or warranty that any goods purchased from us are suitable for the buyers intended purpose. We are not liable for the way the buyer uses the goods or for the consequences of such use.

D: Warranty No Warranty is inferred or implied by U4Global Solutions Limited on any goods unless if offered as part of the sale and itemised on the quotation.

E: Policy We reserve the right to modify or change services and charges at our convenience and without prior notice. We also reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions of Sale from time to time.

Goods bought by U4Global Solutions Limited

In addition to standard business practices, goods will be procured from a formal quotation.

The seller will indemnify U4Global Solutions Limited for all products offered for sale, against all damages, penalties, costs and expenses to which we may become liable as a result of work or modification or design done in accordance with the sellers goods specification which involves any infringement of any letters, patent registered design or other third party industrial property rights.