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Wet Process
Single wafer and batch processing, new modified or upgrades we provide consultancy as well as supply ...

PVD, Evaporation, PECVD, Ion Beam etc tools can be customised to suit your requirements ...

One of our core businesses is the global semiconductor business, which ...

Software Solutions
Our software solutions primarily come from understanding business then identifying what ...

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Probe Dice Test & Assembly

Wafer Test
Whatever your probing need we can help. Probing requirs of a wide variety of skills from new probe card designs incorporating mems technology, through to data handling and conversion of wafer maps. We are always working with customers on a variety of projects in this area.

Dicing Solutions Tools and Process:
Semi-Auto to fully automatic systems and process enhancement. Reduced footprint systems makes the most of space utilisation while our surfactants enhance your process improving bond strength, increasing device reliability and lowering corrosion.

Final Test - sockets kits etc:
Cost effective or complex testing we have solutions. High insertion devices right through to Kelvin testing. Even if its just saving costs on change kits we can normally provide a solution - just contact us to see how!