Wafer Probe: Automatic or Manual Probing

Probing is so important!

We are embedded in the world of probing so whatever you are trying to achieve give us a call.

We can offer a variety of probers depending on your need as more and more the testing environment has to reflect the point of use each device will endure when operational in the field.

  • Temperature Range -65C to >200C
  • Automatic and Manual Systems
  • Vacuum probing
  • Thin or stressed wafers
  • Probe card, Micromanipulators direct docking etc.

Defining a probing environment system can be quite difficult - we work with a variety of companies to solve your technical need. Please contact us to discuss - you will be surprised how much experience we have.

specailist probing systems
Vacuum prober

Used Probers

Dependent on your need, a used prober may be an option. We can help locate used tools.

Search for Used Probers

Fully Automatic Probers

We provide probing solutions that range from fully automatic to manual. We can also provide software help on integration. We define the best tools along with your probing personnel to understand best combination of the test cell.

fully auto probing systems
Automatic Wafer Prober

After all your wafers at their most expensive and yielding correctly at this point can be the difference between profit and loss.

Manual - Semi Auto Probers

Available in different configurations

manual wafer and device probing

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Accessories: There are lots of accessories required for probing so please feel free to contact us with your need


Upgrades and Spares: From newly designed and built systems to upgrading tools either in the field or back at the factory we can provide a cost-effective solution


Interfacing and Hinges

We can provide hinge manipulators stiffeners etc. so please feel free to contact us with all your needs