Testing 5G RF Automomotive Cellular and Mobile Applications

The World in 5G

5G is coming fast and the speed of adoption will be faster than ever before.

With new applications and needs being created everyday, 5G technology will be applied to new operations world wide.

Just a few markets

  • IOT Connectivity
  • Automotive and Sensors
  • Mobile & Internet Connectivity
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Military and Defence
Just some 5G Markets

Testing is not Easy!

Higher Frequency means more losses

Over recent years higher frequencies have been adopted to carry more and more data. Higher frequencies means things have to respond quicker in the real worlds and physics dictates this is harder due to material and electronic losses. New designs and materials have to be implemented to reduce current paths etc.

dicing frame cleaned without solvents

Our partners ( JF Micro ) have been working hard to provide World Class solutions to test devices before they get into the field - essential for many mission critical devices. The need for ever smaller devices is really pushing the physical limits of what can be made with what technology.

dicing frame cleaned without solvents

5G Testing Solutions

A series of new pins, and test socket designs have been developed with some of the major semiconductor manufacturers that not only take into account frequency but also new design, heat loads and operating temperatures.


For more detailed information please visit out test socket pages

5G Testing