Manufacturing / Industry 4.0


There has always been a need in manufacturing to have a consistent process. Only now with the onset of the IOT age is there the availability to sense, monitor and adjust processes on-the-fly to maintain production continuity and consistency. Some industry sectors are more strict than other on the amount and type of data that is monitored and stores. The Automotive and Medical sectors are now demanding many of the in-process reporting and automatic adjustment capabilities usually reserved for military contractors.

customised dicing blade are availabe

We have recently been part of a major project with a large semiconductor manufacturing organisation to measure, adjust process parameters, report and store information on a specific step of the process. Software had to be developed and several parts integrated to ensure the information was in the correct format, useful as a management tool and also allow remote viewing and archiving. Some of the design criteria was

The challenges were how to maintain a consistent mixing of chemicals by adjusting flows "on-the-fly" with a constant feedback loop.

  • Measure Multiple Inputs in a widely varying manufacturing floor
  • Modify outputs to maintain consistent process parameter levels over time keeping tolerances and alarming should any level go outside of the set levels
  • Interface into the network
  • Store the data in readable and graphical format
  • Provide remote monitoring and support
  • Provide Archive capability

Process Control Means Profitiability


Having more control of your process means that your results are more consistent, scappage is less and you get it right first time. You also have tracebility right down to the the lot or wafer level (or device in the wafer mapping and wafer test scenario). For a device manufacturer, inconsitent processes cost more money than people realise and can lead to the loosing the ultimate customer due to failures in the field.

Audits should be Easier

In order for the device or chip maker to me successful manufacturing lines are often audited both by external agents or by the ultimate customer. Having process information to hand not only provides proof the factory is a good supplier it can provide proof should something go wrong in the field - a very valid poin should consequential losses be sought from a field failure, or even worse should it be safety critical devices.

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