Wafer Dicing Rings Recycled without Solvents

Recycling and Re-Use of Metal Dicing Frames

The re-use of metal dicing frames within the semiconductor manufacturing industry is a job that nobody wants to do. It normally involves operators washing and scraping glue off the frame with a solvent (usually IPA).

In a recent health study in a major semiconductor manufacturer the cleaning system was replaced with a low VOC chemistry.

Identified Issues

  • Exposure to Alcohol mucus membrane, nose and throat irritation, contact dermatitis, fatigue, dizziness and headaches
  • Manual cleaning sometimes led to residual contamination causing die cracks and broken wafers.
  • The procedure of washing rings with a razor causes excessive muscle exertion and fatigue.
  • Production performance was low and too many employees were required to meet the throughput goal of 400 rings per hour.
traditional diamond dicing blade

Project Objectives

  • Replace solvent chemical with a low VOC cleaner (Keteca Diamakleen)
  • Automate cleaning method to reduce muscular overexertion
  • Increase productivity
  • Minimize ring contamination

Results and Comments

Better than Expected!

The results were very good medically for staff - but also had some surprising up-side benefits that were not apparent at the outset.

dicing frame cleaned without solvents

  • Previous medical symptoms related to the process were no longer found and the new procedure resulted in improved staff comfort
  • Throughput was dramatically increased, and the number of employees required to meet the cleaning throughput goal was reduced.
  • Productivity improved 3X while utilizing fewer employees with the new method and chemical
  • The new process delivered Cleaner rings

dicing frame cleaned without solvents

A more detailed report is available please contact us to discuss

A Solvent Free Future!

The semiconductor industry utilises solvents, many of which are normally banned from use. We are working on several projects with customers to reduce the overall use of these undesirable chemicals.

Areas we are looking into but are not limited to are

  • Resist removal - Catch cup Cleaning
  • Resist removal - Lift Off Processing
  • Resist removal - Process Chamber cleaning

Keteca DiamaKleen Product Range
  • DiamaKleen cleaning technology replaces hazardous solvents and is much safer for operators
  • DiamaKleen’s superior cleaning mechanism effectively removes organic hydrocarbon residue without adversely affecting the substrate
  • DiamaKleen’s concentrated neat property enables cost effectiveness
  • DiamaKleen reduces hazardous waste streams
  • DiamaKleen complies with strict VOC requirements