U4Global Solutions - Your European Partner

Experience and Expertise

As we approach our 20th year you should know the following about our company:

  • We have a wide and respected European Customer Base
  • We are a recognised supplier to most major Semiconductor Manufacturers across Europe including Scandinavia (with an established vendor code and trading history
  • A wide contact and support network sourcing globally
  • Located on the University of Southampton Science Park
  • 1 hour from Heathrow with great international links
U4GS Southampton Science Park

About our People

We are a very professional operation with high level expertise allowing us to understand issues and resolve technical or commercial problems.

  • Broad range of Technical Sales and Support including Physicists and Chemists
  • Very Experienced Commercial Staff in International Trade
  • A wide contact and support network sourcing globally
  • Familiar with trading internationally with multi-national corporations and global supply chains
  • A stable business even in a volotile market. Everything we do is self funded so all decisions are made in-house
  • Your business is safe with us!

A global reach with long term relationships across the world

Business Sectors

We have a wide range of capabilities so please feel free to discuss how we can help you expand your business...

Some typical tasks and projects undertaken are

  • Manufacturers Sales Agent, Distribution and support
  • Product Introduction
  • Marketing - Technical Products
  • Software & App Development

We have a very impressive established customer base


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